Glamorous Furniture//Annan set by Apple Fall

Hello Glamorous Furniture . As I promised in my previous post I will come back with more new releases that you have to see and as you know I never lie . Here I am ! I am so proud to be able to put my hands on this set and even prouder to get the chance to feature it on my blog so you can see it . What makes this set so special is that it each time I look at it , it reminds me that summer is slowly coming and I need to find a place where to sunbath for a least a week . Anyway black to the main idea of this post , I am going to present you in a few lines this beautiful set .

Apple Fall ! I think the name says it all . There is not too many things I can say about this brand since I keep on featuring it almost monthly . Until now I didn’t miss any of their products sent through the bloggers group . You can check them all in the Glamorous Furniture archieve , and believe me when I tell you that those are one of my favorite blog posts .

Wondering what is the name of the set which is showcased in the pictures ? “Annan” since it is dedicated to Annan Adored . It was released at Collabor88 May edition where it can still be found . The set consists of a bed , shelf , wardrobe , rug and decorations (like photos with frames and statues ) . Also as it’s pretty obvious , everything is extremely high quality . The realistic look all the Apple Fall products have , make me love this store so much .

I got to run back to second life to work on a new post which is going to be posted tomorrow . I missed so many things this week and I only hope the weekend will be enough for me to show you everything . Until then don’t forget to check Collabor88 land and Apple Fall mainstore too !

-Store List-
Set by [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at Collabor 88 May
*This product was released at Collabor88 Event May

Prims :
Bed: 18 Land Impact
Wardrobe: 6 Land Impact
Rug : 2 Land Impact
Sidetable : 1 Land Impact
Shelf : 1 Land Impact
Framed Picture : 1 Land Impact
Squirrel Statue : 1 Land Impact
Artichokes : 1 Land Impact

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