Glamorous Furniture//the Apartment by Abiss

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . Again I am really sorry that I didn’t manage to blog more often this week but I had to travel around Europe with some real life projects and even though ,this time , I’ve got internet connection during all my trip I didn’t have the time to use it too much . Anyway , luckily once I get back I got ready to feature on my blog a set that is going to leave you breathless . During my years of activity I managed to blog many beautiful stuffs but this one I think it’s the best I ever had my hands on . I hope you are going to enjoy today’s presentation as much as I enjoyed preparing the pictures an writing the text .

I am convinced that all of you have heard about Abiss store . They are the elite of furniture and home designing in second life . I still remember the first day they accepted to be on my designers list and when they sent their first review for my blog . I was so happy and today I am even happier to still be one of their bloggers and still have the chance to show you all their amazing new release . I love you Abiss and looking forward for designs for your store .

The only thing I regret right now is that I didn’t have the chance to blog this a little bit earlier . It is out for some time but because of my hectic schedule I managed to make a presentation for it only today . Without any doubts I am going to make sure that my entire plurk and flickr list are going to see today’s post because this is a must have !

This skybox comes with everything you can see in the pictures . All my pictures are hardly modified since I wanted you to see how good this release looks in world .You can find it at Abiss store under the name of “the Apartment “ . It is a 5th avenue style apartment with balcony which fits everyone who wants to taste the luxurious life .

It consists of a large hall which always makes me feel like I am in a painting gallery , a small room which I would use as a living room and a huge one with fireplaces which I would use as a bedroom since the bathroom is located right next to it . Also it has a beautiful balcony where your avatar can drink his/her morning coffee .

I also heard on their marketplace page that they managed to link two same apartment skyboxes in order to create a bigger building . So if you want it a little bit larger ( even though I personally think the size is more than satisfying ) you can do that by rezzing two skyboxes and linking them carefully .

It also has night and day version texture in order to make your stay in this apartment even more realistic . As Frasha listed on the marketplace presentation , it can be used as a gallery ,party place, private club, home or anything else you want .

I am pretty convinced that now all of you want to see this house in-world . I keep on telling everyone that this must be my biggest blog post since this new creation is such a must have . I am going back to second life to spend some more hours around the Apartment . Also don’t forget to check this creation in world and on marketplace after you finish reading !

-Store List-
Building : the Apartment -Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa & Oggy Bonetto
Available at Abiss Mainstore
Available at Abiss Marketplace

Prims: 250 Land Impact

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