Glamorous Furniture//Brooke by NotSoBad

Happy Easter Glamorous Furniture ! Now that my stomach is full , I can get back to blogging my favorite stuffs from second life . Do you know what I enjoy shopping in sl as much as I enjoy buying heels? Structure – any kind of structures from homes to offices or decorate buildings . I think they have the highest impact on a sim and that’s why I try my best to feature on my blog – Glamorous Furniture – as many of them is possible .Of course it’s impossible for me to show you everything that’s new but I select my favorite one and which I think they are the best and really deserve your attention . The same thing I did today when I got this beautiful home to review . Can you guess who designed it ? If not ,the answer is hidden in the following lines :

NotSoBad .. they are one of my favorite stores .I still remember the first time I sent a notecard to them asking if they are looking for bloggers . I was so proud to be on their official press group and even happier to blog one of their desks (which I wanted to present on Glamorous Furniture for a long time ) .I am sure that if you seek in the archive you will see plenty of blog posts featuring NSB creations .

Their latest building is named “BROOKE” and is a full mesh creation which I recommend you all to check in world . All the doors are scripted to open and close ,but the true “special thing” about this home is that it is a low prim design –only 71 LI. .It also has a backyard which sadly I didn’t get the time to picture . I totally recommend you all to check this in second life .Also I am going to attach slurls and marketplace links just under the text.

You should also know that NotSoBad designs fashion too. Sadly (for me only) most of the fashion products are for guys and on my fashion blog – Ferosh Fashion– I present only woman creations .I am going to be back soon with more releases . Take care !

-Store List-
Building: BROOKE – NotSoBad /Designer Reda Bertolucci
Available at NotSoBad Mainstore
This product is also available at NotSoBad Marketplace

Prims :
Set: 71 Land Impact

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