Glamorous Furniture // The Roma by Maven Homes

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I a so happy to be home , ready to present you an amazing new release from second life . Even though I was away with real life work , I had my phone with me , so I managed to stay in touch with manly sl residents and through my feedly application I also managed to find out what’s new in second life and what I would like to blog when I am back home . That’s where I find this new release which ,believe me when I tell you , it left me speechless . I rarely have the chance to blog something so huge and so beautiful . Ready to see what I am talking about ?

Cain Maven owner of Maven Homes is a familiar name for Glamorous Furniture . We are proud to be one of the blogs which features many of his designs . Since he became the owner of Quantum Luxury Homes , we were lucky enough to have him on our designers list . That was the moment when I couldn’t stop blogging his products . Each new creations he releases is amazing and makes me want to show you all .The same thing happened with the creation we are presenting to you today.

The structure is named “The Roma” and without doubts this is a luxury home . I think the name fits it perfectly : huge , breathtaking ,luxurious . The first thing you should know is that this is a big structure (115 m x 87 m ) so we would recommend you 1/4 of a full region in order to be able to rezz it perfectly .

Even if it’s a large building , I am convinced that each meter it occupies deserves it ! There are so many stunning rooms to discover . As you might already know it is enough spacious for a large number of people . Right under this paragraph I am going to enumerate all the chambers it has .

The house also comes with a garage and a big outdoor pool and also with indoor pool . I think this is the first time I see a second life home with in-door pool .As for the rooms , you can find inside this building the following chambers: two large suits with anteroom , bedroom and en-suite bathroom ; junior suite with anteroom and bedroom ; three large bedrooms ; two bathrooms ; kitchen ; reception room;front room ; dining room ; study;living room ;great room ; family room; breakfast room ; game room ; conservatory;bar;movie theater ; laundry room .

Also “The Roma” comes with many other features like : home control system ( which helps us set the security system of the house ; adjust the windows opacity ; turn off and on the lights) ; also it comes with five fireplaces ; animated poses (shower , bath tubs , bathroom sinks , kitchen stools , pool seats ,theater seats ) ,full set of appliances in the kitchen and running water in taps .

As you can see this new release by Cain Maven is stunning .I wish I would have had more time to show you more pictures , but if you want to check closely this structure I recommend you to press the link under this text and teleport to Maven Homes mainstore . You will be able to check this home by yourself . Good luck shopping and see you soon !

-Store List-
Mansion : The Roma- Maven Homes/Designer- Cain Maven
Available at Maven Homes Mainstore
Available at Maven Homes Marketplace

Prims :
Structure : 1353 Land Impact

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