Glamorous Furniture//1001 Arabian Nights

Before I leave , I still want to show you one more product which was featured at We ❤ Role Playing . Each time I look at this set I feel like I take a trip Arabia (probably because this set makes me feel like I am a character in 1001 Arabian Nights ) . Let me show you what I’ve got for you.

I think this is my third person featuring products from We ❤ Role Playing this week . I am honestly telling you that the April round is amazing . There are so many beautiful products which are waiting for you to check them .That’s why I included the slurl to the land right under the text.

As for the set presented in the pictures it is named” moondeco “ and was designed by the talented aki69 owner of a.n.c . I was amazed of the large numbers of stuffs this set includes : trays , carpet , pillows , bookcase ;and all of them available in many styles . Also I am so happy to finally find a set which is really low land impact – and when I say it I mean it : most of the designs have from 1 to 7 LI .Isn’t that amazing?

Now I really have to go . See you in 2 weeks and don’t forget to check all these marvelous products in-world . Good luck shopping and I will miss you.

-Store List-
Set: moondeco–a.n.c /Designer aki69
Available at a.n.c Mainstore
This product is available at We ❤ RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Skyrug :4 Land Impact
Pillow :3 Land Impact
Shelf : 7 Land Impact
Tray : 1 Land Impact

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