Glamorous Furniture//Old Garden Arches by Kalopsia

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . It seems like this is was a beautiful day . One of my blog readers approached me in-world and told me how much they appreciate my works . Thanks to those kind of people I keep blogging every time I can . Anyway back to my blog post , today we are going to visit We ❤ Role Playing event for this wonderful fantasy set which I felt in love with .

I’ve been blogging this event for a long time and believe me when I say to you that this is one of their best round . So many beautiful products which are waiting for you to check them and buy them on We ❤ RP land . I advice you all to teleport to the sim and take a closer look to these breathtaking designs .

As for the presentation , I managed to get my hands on this fabulous set by Kalopsia which is named “Old Garden Arches “ . I am sure you remember this store since I blogged them last week and I was amazed to see how many people visited the post . Each time I look at this set I feel like I enter an elf’s world . It’s splendid .You should also know that the set comes with the throne, chairs ,arch and also with the flying leaves(available in 2 colors).

I am going to get back to work right now but I promise I will try to be back with more new releases as soon as possible .Until then I wish you all a wonderful day and don’t forget to check the credits for the slurl to the store .

-Store List-
Set: Old Garden Arches – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore
This product is available at We ❤ RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Throne: 4 Land Impact
Chair: 4 Land Impact
Arches: 25 Land Impact
Leaves: 5 Land Impact

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