Glamorous Furniture // Bone Throne by PFC

I am still here , and so is Glamorous Furniture . This time we are returning back to We ❤ Role Playing ( one of my favorite monthly events in second life) and I am going to show you a new product which is going to be released during the April edition of this event . Ready to see what I’ve got for you?

The main reason why I like this event so much is because it has so many top designers who provides us with gorgeous pieces each month and also because I am in love with fantasy products and stuffs I can use during role playing (even thought right now I am not role playing as much as I did in the past) .

During the April edition you will be able to find this new throne designed by Pucca Firecaster’s Creations (known as PFC) .It is named “Bone Throne” and it comes in 3 different versions : clean , bloody and painted . I can’t wait for you to see it at the event .

I am going to go back to second life now to get ready more blog posts . Don’t forget to follow Glamorous Furniture in order to stay in touch with all the new furniture and home releases in-world .

-Store List-
Throne : Bone Throne – PFC /Designer Pucca Firecaste
Available at PFC Mainstore
This product will be available at We ❤ RP Monthly Event (April )

Prims :
Throne: 4 Land Impact


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