Glamorous Furniture//Red Riding Hood by Kalopsia

I am ending this week with another fabulous post from a famous in-second life event – Enchantment . The latest theme was red riding hood and I was lucky enough to get my hands on some simply breathtaking products from there . Ready to see what I prepared for you for today’s blog post?

I am convinced that you remember Kalopsia store from my previous post . She designed for We ❤ Role Playing those two lovely types of gypsy camp sets . She was cute enough to send me for blogging a product she released at the Enchantment – Red Riding Hood edition , and which I actually wanted to blog for some time .

The set is named “Red Riding Hood – Full Set “ and includes many high quality products . The set comes with : a hanging tree ; red riding hood shoes ; chair ; wolf trophy head ; wolf mask and a fillet . You will be amazed by how good looking all these things are .

I have to run now ,but I promise you all that I will try to be back on Glamorous Furniture with more products as soon as possible .Until then , don’t forget to go shopping . See you soon !

-Store List-
Set: Red Riding Hood – Kalopsia /Designer isabeau.baragula
Available at Kalopsia Mainstore

Prims :
Chair: 3 Land Impact
Hanging Tree: 8 Land Impact
Wolf Trophy Head: 3 Land Impact


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