Glamorous Furniture//Apple Fall returns to Collabor88

Good Afternoon Glamorous Furniture ! I am planning on leaving the country until the next Friday ,and I am more than sure that I won’t be able to access second life at all (just my email) . Because of that , I wanted to do a new blog post just before leaving , since you won’t see any new posts until next weekend . Let me show you what’s my new favorite set in the virtual world.

Apple Fall has been blogged and re-blogged over and over again on my website . Why ? The answer is really simple : because each of his new releases looks stunning and makes me want to blog it . In case you didn’t check his mainstore yet you should do it , it’s simply fabulous .

His latest creation was released at a monthly event named “ Collabor 88 “ and believe me when I say that this set will leave you speechless . I’ve honestly never seen such wonderful products combined in a single set . Everything is so high quality ( especially the sofa which is something to die for ) . Also the sofa comes in many colors versions .

As you know I don’t have the possibility to present all the features of my designers products . That’s why I invite you all , after reading today’s post , to check the set in world . Don’t forget to check previous Glamorous Furniture posts !

-Store List-
Set by [AF]Apple Fall/Designer- warehousefifteendesigns
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Mainstore
Available at [AF]Apple Fall Marketplace
Available at Collabor 88
*This product was released at Collabor88 Event

Prims :
Couch Corner : 3 Land Impact
Couch : 4 Land Impact
Interior Plant : 1 Land Impact
Bookcase (2 spaces) : 3 Land Impact
Bookcase (3 spaces) : 4 Land Impact
Love Farrah Painting : 1 Land Impact
Magazine Files : 1 Land Impact
Bow Tie Art : 1 Land Impact
Old Coat : 5 Land Impact
Rico’s Clock : 4 Land Impact
Model Plane : 5 Land Impact


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