Glamorous Furniture// Mountain Lodge by Scarlet Creative

I am back Glamorous Furniture with more new releases from Second Life . I wanted to review this product yesterday when I got it ,but I decided that I should leave at least 1 day break between my posts . Anyway ,ready to see who is the designer of this breathtaking home?

Who hasn’t heard about Scarlet Creative? Probably one of the oldest home and furniture store in second life . I can’t even remember since when I am blogging her products . Each new release bring something unique that makes it a must have .

Her latest piece was released at the Arcade (seems like more and more designers are becoming more interested in this event) and is named “Mountain Lodge” .It also has a furniture pack that you can use to decorate this wonderful house.

Each time I check this house I feel like spring has really come . I simply love the wood texture and the spring air it brings to my land . It’s like escaping from the urban environment to relax at a mountains .Isn’t that lovely?

I have to go now ,but like I always do , I included the slurls to Scarlet’s sim and the Arcade slurl under this text .Don’t forget to check the prims list to see how much land impact it requires.

-Store List-
Building: Mountain Lodge + Furniture Pack –Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore
Available at The Arcade Sim

*This product was released at The Arcade Gacha Event

Structure: 111 Land Impact
Modern bed :11 Land Impact
DeckChair with Cushions : 5 Land Impact
Stack of logs secured with old vintage leather belts : 3 Land Ipact
Wire lamps : 8 Land Impact
Glass Table :2 Land Impact
Plant : 1 Land Impact
Side Board : 5 Land Impact


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