Glamorous Furniture//Chasing Comets by Scarlet Creative

Hello Glamorous Furniture .How have you been this week ? My schedule is becoming more and more hectic and because of that I can blog only during weekends .Anyway I am here today to show you a new fabulous release ..

I hope you’ve all heard about Scarlet Creative . She is one of the elites in the building industry .Each new releases is a must have . I can’t stop falling in love with all her creations and that’s why I am so proud to be one of her official bloggers .

The release I am talking about is named “Chasing (and catching) comets” and believe me when I am telling you that it is a must have .The style of it is breathtaking . I just love every single room of this structure.

The masterpiece of this home is the hatch on the roof which can be used as an observatory set. Downstairs you have enough room to store what ever you want .All the wall and floor textures are high quality ,making this home speechless.

I have to run now to prepare a new blog post before I leave .Until then I leave you with the slurl and marketplace link to Scarlet Creative’s mainstore . Good luck shopping and see you soon .

-Store List-
Building: Chasing (and catching) comets –Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore

Structure: 110 Land Impact


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