Glamorous Furniture//Kissing House by Scarlet Creative

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ! For those of you who don’t know I adore art . I look for art in every domain : fashion ,home decorations , media etc . Even in second life there are some designers who create masterpieces . The one featured today on my blog is one of them . Let me introduce you in the world of art and show you what high quality really means .

I met Charlotte Bartlett some months ago and I waited a long time for her to get back to designing new stuffs . She is the owner of Scarlet Creative ,one of second life’s most known mesh store . She designs everything for your home .. from structures to decorations .She was kind enough to send me a sample of her latest release.

This building is named “Kissing House” and is something that everyone who loves art should own .It comes in 2 different tones : colour or neutral .This product is exclusively available at Designers United event .

It’s not a very spacious building ,but that’s not what makes it special . It’s the style .This month DU presents a new theme which I am totally in love with .. surrealism ..and that’s something that you can find without doubts in this building.

As I always tell you .. in order to discover the beauty of a product I blog ,you have to check it in world .That’s why I included under this text slurls to both Designers United and also to Scarlet’s Mainstore .Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture daily for more new releases !

-Store List-
Building: Kissing House (Colour /Neutral) –Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore
Available at Designers United

Structure: 73 Land Impact

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