Glamorous Furniture//Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim

I was very busy in real life in the past few days ,I hardly had time to open my laptop .Luckily ,my schedule got better now and I have more time to blog some fabulous new releases.

I visited this month Collabor88 event and I was very surprised by the products featured there . Just after some minutes I found out that two of my favorites stores where participating too under the same brand Scarlet Apple .But for today’s blog post I am presenting you Scarlet’s creations

The set is named “Autumn Reclaim “ and includes many really cute decorations . The pack comes with the beautiful blackboard , hanging lighting ,frames in 2 colors ,table and candle set again in 2 colors . Everything is mesh and very high quality .I can’t tell you how happy I was when Charlotte gave me the chance to blog these designs .

I am going to be right back in some hours with a new blog post .Until now I recommend you all to check the Collabor88 sim and also Scarlet’s mainstore .Good luck shopping !

-Store List-
Set:Autumn Reclaim–Scarlet Creative/Designer- Charlotte Bartlett
Available at Scarlet Creative Mainstore
Available at Collabor 88

Blackboard: 1 Land Impact
Frame: 7 Land Impact
Hanging Lamp : 1 Land Impact
Table : 10 Land Impact
Candle Set : 2 Land Impact

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