Glamorous Furniture//Bella Vista by Roost

Good evening Glamorous Furniture . I feel like doing nothing else today than blogging .That’s why I am returning back on Glamorous Furniture with more new releases from second life.

This week a new second life home designer contacted me ,asking if I would be interested in blogging their designs .As soon as I saw some previews of their works I knew I have to blog them .I feel so honored every time when a designer asks me to feature their products on Glamorous Furniture ,makes me feel like I am on the right way .

The store I am talking about is named “Roost” , they are new in this industry but I am convinced that they will become big in a no matter of time . During my years of activity I had the chance to meet many new designers ,but I rarely find one that has the talent to design such a high quality product starting with his/her first design .

The 2 buildings I am presenting to you today are named “Bella Vista” one is the actual home and the other is the garage . The house actually comes in other 2 versions : 3 bedrooms or 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom .Also the patio is something to die for ,really good looking.

Also the bedrooms has wardrobes ,which gives the entire room a glamorous style . I totally recommend you to get the Bella Vista- Garage too because it goes perfectly with the house . I think is really good that they sell it separately,because in this way the customers can decide if they really need it or not .

Time for me to go ,but I will let you discover the beauty of this fresh release in second like .Like always ,I have included just under the text slurl to both mainstore and marketplace .Good luck shopping !

-Store List-
House: Bella Vista House– Roost /Designer RoostHomes
Available at Roost Mainstore
Available at Roost Marketplace

Garage: Bella Vista Garage– Roost /Designer RoostHomes
Available at Roost Mainstore
Available at Roost Marketplace

Prims :
Garage: 48 Land Impact
House with Bathroom :168 Land Impact
House without Bathroom: 167 Land Impact

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