Glamorous Furniture//Antique Bed by Warm

I live for new releases .I live for blogging and helping you find out what’s new in the virtual world .That’s why I am always so happy to share with you my blog post through all social sites (plurk/flickr) and I hope that doesn’t bother you…

I met Warm Animations Lisa ,designer of Warm a long time ago .Only know I realize how lucky I was that I got the chance to blog her releases .She becomes better and better everyday ,and this new design left me breathless.

She once release an antique outdoor set .I was so amazed by the style ,I immediately contacted her and told her that I want more new releases the same style .Some days after that chat she announced me that she is going to release another antique design ,this time a bed . That’s the one I am blogging today .It is named “Antique Bed “ and it comes with many PG animations .It also has an option to rezz a curtain over the bed ,giving it a even better look .

Do you know how I call the moment when a top designer releases something new? : Shopping time . See you at Warm’s mainstore !

-Store List-
Set: Antique Bed– Warm /Designer Warm Animations Lisa
Available at Warm Mainstore
Available at Warm Marketplace

Prims :
Bed: 12 Land Impact


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