Glamorous Furniture//New Mesh Walls by ZimberLab

In case you don’t remember ,a long time ago I did a blog post featuring some full permission walls which can be used in your designing process? I am happy to tell you that new set was released by the same designer .Let me show you what I am talking about .

I found Doctor Zimberman on marketplace and I was really impressed by the quality of his products . I immediately sent him an im ,and since then I always enjoy blogging his creations.

This set is an expansion to the original full permission wall pack he released .It comes with many new styles which would fit perfectly as your wall in your designs .The set comes with 50 new mesh products, so imagine what you can create with all of them . I honestly can’t wait to play with them in my studio . Great job mister Zimberman .

As you know a blog post is pretty limited . In order to discover the true beauty of it you need to check this product in world . Don’t forget to read Glamorous Furniture daily for more new releases !

-Store List-
Set: Mesh Walls Expansion 1 – ZimberLab /Designer- Doctor Zimberman
Available at ZimberLab Mainstore
Available at ZimberLab Marketplace

*Items come with full permissions

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