Glamorous Furniture//The Modena by Maven Homes

Hello Glamorous Furniture ! Rainy and cold day in romania , but still a perfect day for blogging right ? Yesterday I contacted a really great building designer and he was kind enough to provide me with his latest release from blogging . Let me show you what I am talking about ..

I met Cain Maven a long time ago .He always impressed me with his releases because all were big and spacious structures ,and I am a super fan of this kind of homes . I tried to blog as many of his new releases as possible,but this last one is simply the best .

Named “The Modena “ this is a very luxurious home .I first saw it on marketplace and after that I immediately contacted Cain for a blogging sample . It looks really good on MP but after rezzing it I was convinced that this is a masterpiece .

The building is big and very spacious as I said .It has :4 bedrooms ; 3 bathrooms ; Kitchen ; Dining room ; Living room ; Family room ; Study ; Den ; Foyer . I think it has enough space for an entire family to live in .

It is partially furnished ,the rooms that have furniture are the kitchen and the bathrooms . It also has a beautiful scripted swimming pool in the back ,giving you the possibility to rezz water texture in case you have your house located in the sky.

This is definitely a modern design ,it employs materials technology ,giving you the possibility to enjoy even more the beauty of this building . Doors are also scripted ,so you have full control over your house.

As I always say picture are not enough to convince you how good Modena really looks .That’s why I invite you all to Cain Maven’s sim and try this face to face .Good luck shopping my dear readers !

-Store List-
Mansion : The Modena- Maven Homes/Designer- Cain Maven
Available at Maven Homes Mainstore
Available at Maven Homes Marketplace

Prims:520 Prims Land Impact


2 thoughts on “Glamorous Furniture//The Modena by Maven Homes

  1. *WOW* What a mansion! I really love the windows and the shot of the staircase. The architectural details that he has added there are really effective..that’s a home for a Second Life celebrity, for sure!

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