Glamorous Furniture//Castle Hall by Angel Manor

How is your day my dear blog readers? I am currently having a back pain ,have no idea why ,so I am sitting in bed with my laptop in my arms ready to show you a new stunning building I just found in second life .

I think everyone heard about Kaya Angel ,owner of the Rose Theatre & Angel Manor Estate .Believe me when I tell you ,he is without doubts a talented designer . Each new release leaves me breathless ,that’s why I am always so enthusiast when I blog something he designed.

The latest building available at the store is named “Castle Hall” .I think that only by telling you it’s name ,you’ll know this blog post is about a castle . This time Kaya tried something different , he left his usual style behind and tried a new theme which in my opinion looks really good .

The castle is extremely spacious .It has 8 rooms ,each of them textured differently ,2 yards and one very long throne room (I really enjoy spending time there). All the doors are scripted so you have full control over them .

Time for me to leave ,but I will let you with the slurl to both marketplace and mainstore . Promise me that you will check this building in world ! It’s just too beautiful designed.

-Store List-
Building: Castle Hall- Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :583 Land Impact


One thought on “Glamorous Furniture//Castle Hall by Angel Manor

  1. That is gorgeous and very close to something I was looking for. Unfortunately, due to the Arcade, I kinda can’t afford to buy a new building now. ;_; I hope this stays up for sale for quite a while so I can go get it..and perhaps blog it as well when I tackle blogging all the buildings I already have.

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