Glamorous Furniture//Ivory Room by [hate this]

Hello Glamorous Furniture .Sending you kisses from Greece . I just came back from the beach and I was in a mood of posting something on Glamorous Furniture.

I found this store on marketplace some weeks ago and asked the designer for a sample of a skybox . My inventory is a mess ,so I totally forgot to blog it until now .The store name is [hate this] and is owned by Corvus Szpiegel.

The skybox I am talking about is named “the ivory room” and is a must have for everyone who enjoy luxurious things . Probably the main reason why I wanted to blog it so bad is because I find it very glamorous ! I also got some small furniture like rugs ,lighting and photo/stuff boxes which goes really great with this building . Even though in the picture the skybox looks really small ..believe me it’s enough spacious to decorate it how you want.

I will let you check this product in world while I am going to take a nap .See you soon my favorite readers !

-Store List-
Skybox: Ivory room –[hate this]/Designer Corvus Szpiegel
Available at [hate this] Mainstore
Available at [hate this] Marketplace

Prims :
Structure : 24 Land Impact


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