Glamorous Furniture//Antique Set by Warm

Good Evening Glamorous Furniture ! I finally arrived to Greece and while sitting on the terrace that I should prepare a blog post for my favorite readers .Ready to see what I’ve got for you?

Some days ago I had a talk with Warm Animation Lisa ,who was sweet enough to invite me to her bloggers group .I was really happy about it especially because the quality of Warm’s products is simply stunning.

I check her latest releases ,and decided to present to you the set named “Antique Outdoor Set “ .I am in love with all antique products ,and this set is without doubts a perfect example . You will be amazed by the quality of this set (the breakfast props are simply breathtaking ) and the animation are perfect for this kind of design .

I have to go to bed now ! Planning on going on the beach early morning tomorrow . Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture for more new releases .I will be back very soon !

-Store List-
Set: Antique Outdoor Set– Warm /Designer Warm Animations Lisa
Available at Warm Mainstore
Available at Warm Marketplace

Prims :
Chair: 2 Land Impact
Table: 2 Land Impact
Breakfast Props: 12 Land Impact
Wine Bottle: 1 Land Impact
Flower Pot: 7 Land Impact

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