Glamorous Furniture//Aileen House by TeddyJunior

In some hours I am leaving with my family to visit Greece . I am not sure yet when I will return but without doubts I will have internet connection there too and I will try to make some blog post while sunbathing near the sea *smiles* .Anyway back to work , let me show you what I’ve got for you for today’s blog post.

It’s not the first time when I blog this designer ,and without doubts it’s not the first time when TeddyJunior leaves me speechless with his stunning products .He was kind enough to offer me his latest building to blog . Let me give you a brief presentation of it .

The structure is named “Aileen House” and believe me ,this is a must have for everyone who loves high quality products .It’s a two floor building ,and it’s the first time I ever see such a well designed basement (includes heating and water system ,giving it a more realistic look).

Also if you are not happy with the textures ( I doubt you won’t) ,you have the chance to retexture the rooms .Also the home also has an attic without direct access but which is spacious enough to be decorated too .The entire house is scripted with many useful options .For example if you are not happy with the full bright setting you can easily deactivate it .Many other options can be tested in the virtual world.

Isn’t this new home breathtaking ?Like I always say ,you have to check it in world in order to be able to find out how good it looks .I am leaving under this text the slurl and marketplace link to Teddy Junior’s store . Good luck shopping and don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture for more new releases !

-Store List-
Building: Aileen House – ::TeddyJr:: /Designer- TeddyJunior
Available at TeddyJr Mainstore
Available at TeddyJr Marketplace

Prims : 152 Land Impact


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