Glamorous Furniture//Construction Set by Isil

Good Morning Glamorous Furniture .Just woke up some minutes ago ,and I feel like blogging something new on my website . I started loving more and more building components, simply because I feel like they are going to be the future in the virtual world.

That’s why ,I dared to contact Isilmeriel owner of ISIL and ask her to send me for blogging some of her works .As you will be able to see in the pictures ,they are all very high quality and very good looking.

The set I am featuring in today’s post is named “Classical Construction Set”.It contains 2 types of columns ,a variety of architraves that looks breathtaking with the columns ,banners ,textures for all the pieces and also 3 samples of how you can mix and match those pieces .Since the set is full permission ,you can easily change the texture and customize it . Isn’t that amazing?

I will let you discover more about this product on ISIL marketplace .Also don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture daily for more releases ! Good luck shopping

-Store List-
Set: Classical Construction Set – ~ ISIL~ /Designer- Isilmeriel
Available at ~ISIL~ Marketplace

*Items come with full permissions
Banner: 2 Land Impact
Column :1 Land Impact
Architrave :1 Land Impact

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