Glamorous Furniture//Cages by [TIA] for We<3RP

Good evening Glamorous Furniture ,I am back with more new releases from second life .Finally today is not so hot and I feel more like blogging ready to see what I am presenting to you today?..

As you know ,We ❤ Role Playing event is still going on ,so I would advice you all to check the land as soon as possible ,many gorgeous medieval and rp useable products are waiting for you . One of the designer who participates at this event is the gorgeous Tia Biscuit ,owner of [TIA].

She released many well done cages and rearmers .The set includes: Shield Rearmer ; Heavy Melee Rearmer ; Sword and Polearm Rearmer; Ranged Weapons Rearmer .Also the cages come in many versions :For 1 ,2 ,3 person .Each of them includes a scripted rug with some really great animations.

Like I always do ,I included the slurl to both [TIA]’s store and also to the event’s land .Don’t forget to check the blog later too ,for more releases from the virtual world.

-Store List-
Set: Cages and Rearmers – [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] Mainstore
Available at [TIA] Marketplace

The texture is provided to us by EVHAH (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

The mesh wall is provided to us by Doctor Zimberman (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

Prims :
Cage: 7 Land Impact
Ranged Weapons Rearmer : 2 Land Impact
Sword and Polearm Rearmer: 5 Land Impact
Heavy Melee Rearmer : 2 Land Impact
Shield Rearmer : 1 Land Impact


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