Glamorous Furniture//The Kylar by De La Soul

It’s so early for me , but I couldn’t sleep so I decided to prepare a blog post . As you might have noticed in the past few weeks I blogged many medieval / Victorian / vintage products , that’s because I simply felt in love with them and it’s always a pleasure for me to blog them .

Today’s structure was sent to me by Lerochelle Destiny ,owner and designer of De La Soul .The store mostly contains medieval products , so if you are a fan of this style I totally recommend you to check it .

The building which is featured in the pictures is named “The Kylar” and is available both in world and on marketplace. It’s a well done medieval structure ,very spacious and without doubts with stunning textures .What I love the most is the trick with the library .By pressing one of the books which is located in the bookcase you open a secret door which directs you to a secret room .Isn’t that amazing?

If you want to find more about The Kylar I recommend you to check either the marketplace or the mainstore in world of De La Soul . Good luck shopping and don’t forget to visit Glamorous Furniture daily for more new releases.

-Store List-
Building: The Kylar – De La Soul /Designer Lerochelle Destiny
Available at De La Soul Mainstore
Available at De La Soul Marketplace

Prims :88 Land Impact

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