Glamorous Furniture//The Scrollcases by [TIA]

What a lovely day for some new blog posts on Glamorous Furniture .I felt lazy all day ,but I just couldn’t stay away from my blog .So I quickly searched for some new furniture set ,took some pictures of it and got ready to publish it.

The designer who provided me with this simply stunning set is well known in the virtual world for her high quality and unique designs .I am talking about Tia Biscuit ,owner of [TIA] .You probably saw some of her products from We<3Rp but this time I am blogging her out of the event.

The set is named ” The Scrollcases – FULL SET V1.2 “ and can be found at [TIA] mainstore .As it’s name says the set contains different styles of scroll cases .It also includes 2 styles of chairs that look breathtaking with the rest of the set .I personally use it as an old library,I adore old style objects and this one fits perfectly in my castle.

If you want to see it better I recommend to teleport to the mainstore and check it there ,Tia rezzed the set in her store .Also don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture daily for more releases.
-Store List-
Set: The Scrollcases – [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] Mainstore
Available at [TIA] Marketplace

The texture is provided to us by EVHAH (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

The mesh wall is provided to us by Doctor Zimberman (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

Prims :
Chair: 2 Land Impact
Double Decorate Case :5 Land Impact
Double Simple Case :3 Land Impact
Single Decorate Case: 3 Land Impact
Single Simple Case: 3 Land Impact


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