Glamorous Furniture//Stately Home by Angel Manor

Good evening Glamorous Furniture .I went to the swimming pool this morning and as soon as I arrived back home I started working on this amazing blog post which I am sure you will all love .You know how much I love buildings ..but this one left me speechless .

It was designed by the well known owner of Angel Manor Estate , Kaya Angel .I always feel so honored to blog his designs ,because each of them has something unique that leaves me speechless .

His latest release is a huge building named “Stately Home” .The structure is actually a gorgeous palace with 16 unique textured rooms ready to leave you breathless .Honestly after rezzing it on my land I couldn’t stop visiting the house every time when I teleported my avatar there.

As Kaya wrote on his marketplace page ,this building can be used as a Victorian building but also as a modern one ,it all depends how you decorate it .Also ,without doubts, there is enough room for all your friends . I can only imagine what a beautiful party I can throw in there.

The building is also partial mesh and it is deliver high quality textures . Also it’s style was the one that caught my eye .I was always a huge fan of big palaces ,and this one is without any doubts the best one I saw.

That’s why I recommend you all to check the product in world too for a more detailed view .Also don’t forget to share with us your opinion about our blog .Good luck shopping and see you soon !

-Store List-
Building: Stately Home- Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :764 Land Impact

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