Glamorous Furniture//Lillesand Bedset by Warm

While talking with my friends in second life ,an old friend sent me an im together with a wonderful bedroom set .She told me this was her first mesh furniture and wanted to ask me if I can blog it .My answer was without doubts yes..

The name of that friend is Warm Animations Lisa the designer and owner of “Warm” .The store mostly designs high quality furniture and beautiful animations .If you didn’t check yet this store I recommend you to visit their marketplace.

The new bedroom set I am talking about is named “Lillesand Bed “ and you can get it in both PG and Adult version .Also it can be bough with copyable or transferable permission. Even though I am presenting to you only one of the textures,the furniture is scripted so you can chose other beautiful textures too .I chose to only show the white version because it’s the basic one.

Time for me to go out with my family .Don’t forget to check Warm’s marketplace and mainstore and also to return to Glamorous Furniture for more wonderful releases from the virtual world.

-Store List-
Set: Lillesand Bed – Warm /Designer Warm Animations Lisa
Available at Warm Mainstore
Available at Warm Marketplace

The texture is provided to us by D-CODEZ (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

The mesh wall is provided to us by Doctor Zimberman (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

Prims : 15 Land Impact
Bed: 8 Land Impact
Bedside Table :3 Land Impact
Bench:3 Land Impact


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