Glamorous Furniture//Tia Throne Set (We <3 Rp)

I think all of you realized how much I love the “We ❤ Role Playing” event ! I simply can’t stop blogging those wonderful products which are featured every month .What I love the most is the unique style of this event and high quality objects designed by well known second life designers.

This month,I am going to start my We ❤ RP week with a talented designer which left me speechless with the product she releases this month .The store is named “[Tia]” and is owned by the gorgeous Tia Biscuit

The set name presented in the picture is “Throne of Odin” and believe me when I say this is a must have for everyone who loves high quality furniture .I am thinking of rezzing this lovely set in my yard,even though I have a modern house*laughs* .I also like to unlink the set and use the 2 lovely table sets with other gorgeous products.

Don’t you think this set deserves your attention?Like always I included the slurl to the mainstore and also to the event .Also starting with this post ,we are going to give credits to the designers who provided us with the textures for the background.

-Store List-
Set: Throne of Odin – [TIA] /Designer Tia Biscuit
Available at [TIA] Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play

The texture is provided to us by EVHAH (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

The mesh wall is provided to us by Doctor Zimberman (press this to get redirected to marketplace)

Prims : 15 Land Impact
Throne: 4 Land Impact
Drapes: 5Land Impact
Table: 3 Land Impact


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