Glamorous Furniture//Full Permission Stairs by Infinit Design

Still thinking of building your own house but you need more tools? If the answer to my question is yes ,then I am convinced you will simply adore this blog post ..let’s play with some full permission stairs this time.

While surfing on marketplace I discovered another beautiful store which sells full permission building items .The store is named Infinit Design and is owned by Fabrizio Gigamon .If you didn’t get the chance to see his other products ,I recommend to check is marketplace or his mainstore.

As I told you today I am bringing to you new build tools..this time gorgeous mesh stairs .The set is named “Mesh Stairs Full Permission” and it comes with 10 different stairs style .Also the set includes complete maps for full customization.The best thing about this set ,is that all the creations are very low prims:from 1 Land Impact to maximum 4 Land Impact.

Interested in finding more about it?Then I recommend to press the links under this text,they will redirect you to his marketplace or mainstore .Don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture daily for more releases.

-Store List-
Set: Mesh Stairs Full Permission – Infinit Design /Designer- Fabrizio Gigamon
Available at Infinit Design Mainstore
Available at Infinit Design Marketplace

*Items come with full permissions
Stairs: 1 Land Impact
Spiral Staircase:4 Land Impact

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