Glamorous Furniture//Mesh Walls by ZimberLab

Hey guys ! I am back with more new releases from second life .Have you ever wanted to become your own builder but you are not good at creating mesh walls ? Lucky you ,this post will leave you breathless then .Ready to see what I am preparing for today’s blog post?

While surfing on marketplace I discovered a new store which left me speechless .It is named “ZimberLab” and is owned by Doctor Zimberman.The store mostly sells full permission building components,which can be used by future designers in their products .But what I enjoy the most about this store is the high quality of the products .Each of them looks stunning and unique in it’s own way .

This is also the first blog post when I am blogging building components .I used to blog many furniture and houses but never walls that can be used in designing your own house .The set is named “Wall Mesh with full permissions” and is without doubt a must have for every second life resident interested in designing.

The set includes many types of wall : straight ,T walls.corner,triangle ,windows[different sizes],doors[different sizes] .In the picture you can find some of the types I mentioned ,more can be seen in world or on their marketplace page .

I totally recommend you to check this in world and on their store page .Believe me you won’t regret at all buying this .I simply adore playing with them and creating my own home .Let your creativity free !

-Store List-
Set: Wall Mesh with full permissions – ZimberLab /Designer- Doctor Zimberman
Available at ZimberLab Mainstore
Available at ZimberLab Marketplace

*Items come with full permissions


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