Glamorous Furniture//Lost Hall Aquarium at the Expo

Hey guys .I had some problems with my Photoshop and because of that I wasn’t able to blog anything the past days .Luckily I managed to fix the problems and now I am back with a stunning new release from a new expo which is going on in second life ..

“Under the Sea” that’s the name of the expo I am talking about . June 20th – 26th ,these are the dates when you can check it in world and take a closer look to all those fabulous sea themed items that are available for sale.

The building is named “Lost Halls Aquarium” and was designed by Elicio Ember,owner of Cerridwen’s Cauldron. I knew I had to blog this even though it wasn’t in the blogger pack . I felt in love with the unique style that reminded me of the beautiful fantasy sea castles from the movies . The entire structure is scripted in order to make your stay even more entertaining .That’s why I recommend you to check the description on the store’s marketplace page or the notecard in world which contains ore information about this breathtaking building.

I need to leave now .Don’t forget to check the “Under The Sea” expo and also Cerridwen’s Cauldron mainstore .I am convinced that many other beautiful products are waiting for you to discover them!

-Store List-
Building: Lost Halls Aquarium – Cerridwen’s Cauldron /Designer- Elicio Ember
Available at Cerridwen’s Cauldron Mainstore
Available at Cerridwen’s Cauldron Marketplace
Available at Under The Sea Expo

Desk: 244 Land Impact


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