Glamorous Furniture//Canis Bed by Abiss

I didn’t run anyway ..real life made sure I was busy enough not to log in second life .Luckily I am here today and you won’t believe what a stunning release I am going to show to you left me speechless when the designer sent it to me for blogging .

Who doesn’t know Abiss ,owned by Frasha Boa? It’s without any doubts one of the most famous stores in second life that designs furniture and homes . I’ve been blogging Abiss for a long time(over 2 years) and they keep amazing me each time they release something new .It’s always a honor for me to blog it.

This new release is a bed named Canis ,and I recommend it to everyone who loves high quality ,luxurious furniture .The way you can customize is breathtaking .There are so many colors available for the pillow,sheet,framework and mattress. You can also choose to remove the sheets.

It also comes with many realistic animations both PG or Adults .My favorite ones are the “Activities “ section ,many nice animation for people who enjoy seeing their avatar surfing on the internet,or eating breakfast in bed or reading .

Without doubts this bed is a must have ! If you didn’t check it yet in second life , I recommend you to that now .I promise you ,there is nothing you will regret after seeing it .I will be back very soon with more products !

-Store List-
Bed:Canis -Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Available at Abiss Mainstore

Prims: 18 Land Impact


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