Glamorous Furniture//South Beach Penthouse from [BA]

Good evening guys ,it’s time for more new releases from second life .I think it’s one of the only weeks when I blogged daily *laughs* . We had many releases from different events ,but now is time to get back to our daily common posts and show you what my favorite stores designed for you.

I am convinced that all of you heard of “Barnesworth Anubis” one of second life biggest home and furniture store .He always leaves me speechless with his outstanding pieces of art ,but this new release was the one which totally amazed me .

It is named “South Beach Penthouse” and is without doubts a perfect low prim skybox for everyone who enjoys the beach style homes . When I was a small girl I wanted to own a house on the Miami beach ..sadly it never happened ..but at least I have my virtual beach house .

The skybox comes in 2 different versions : first one only with the home and second one with environment too .I am definitely going to show this to my friends too .You should also check it in world.

Time for me to go to bed ,going to hold a speech tomorrow at work and I am a bit nervous .Don’t forget that I will be here tomorrow night too with more new releases from the virtual world .Kisses !

-Store List-
Building: South Beach Penthouse –[BA] /Designer- Barnesworth Anubis
Available at [BA] Mainstore
Only Penthouse: 41 Land Impact
With environment : 86 Land Impact


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