Glamorous Furniture//Trompe Loeil’s Rustic Cabin

This is a week full of gorgeous releases … it keeps me so busy blogging .I was sorting my inventory when Trompe Loeil’s blogging system sent me this new release which left me speechless .From the time I rezzed it on my land I knew I have to show it to you too.

Trompe Loeil is one of second life’s top stores owned by the gorgeous Cory Edo .It’s one of the stores which I blogged for a very long time . In the archive you can find many posts about their products ,which are always breathtaking.

As I said ,this new release is actually a beautifull building named “Rustic Cabin” .What I love the most at this designer is the many style she designs .Today she can release a rustic cabin and tomorrow a modern home,you never know what she is preparing for us.

The “Rustic Cabin” is a very low prim building which bests fits in the inventory of people who enjoy mountains or relaxing places .It’s not a huge home ,it actually has 3 rooms ,but the high quality textures it is made from ,makes this a piece of art. It includes a house control system which allows you to lock or unlock the doors or select the access list

I can’t wait to see what will be her next release .Until then,all I can do is inviting you to her mainstore for a better look of the cabin .Good luck shopping and don’t forget that Glamorous Furniture is a daily updated blog ,so stay tune for more blog posts.

-Store List-
Structure: Rustic Cabin –Trompe Loeil /Designer- cory.edo
Available at Trompe Loeil mainstore
Prims:39 Land Impact


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