Glamorous Furniture//SenzaFine at We <3 Role Playing

Hey guys ,I am back as promised .This is going to be a week full of designs from We ❤ Role Playing [ I have to many beautiful creations I need to show you each of them ] .Ready do find out what I prepared for you today.

We ❤ Role Playing is a monthly event which features designer who prepared fabulous items which would easily fit the inventory of any role player .For today I am bringing on Glamorous Furniture the store named Senzafine and owned by Synjari Myriam.

The set she is featured at the event is named “Nevermore” and it contains: curtains,lighting,sofa and floor cushion .What I enjoyed the most at this set ,is the amazing details each piece has .Really well done ,without doubts a masterpiece by Synjari Myriam .I am looking forward to seeing what will be her next release.

Until then I recommend you to check both the event land and also the mainstore .And don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture as often as possible because many new releases are still waiting to get blogged.

-Store List-
Set: Nevermore – Senzafine /Designer Synjari Myriam
Available at Senzafine Mainstore
Available at We<3 Role-Play

Prims :
Lamp:3 Land Impact /Each
Sofa: 6 Land Impact
Curtain:2 Land Impact
Floor Cushion:3 Land Impact


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