Glamorous Furniture//Castle Dragonfall

How are my favorite blog readers doing?I just arrived home from work and I feel super tired ,but before I go to bed I wish to present to you a stunning release which I am sure will leave you speechless .

I am convinced that you found out how much I love medieval furniture and buildings .I think those are the things I enjoy blogging the most . For getting the lovely structure from the pictures I contacted Gwen von Aurora owner of ~* Sweet Revolutions *~

It is named “Castle Dragonfall”.I think all of you already realized that I presenting to you a small lovely castle. The textures are so well made ,it gives you the impression that you are in the medieval ages. The main house has 3 leves each of them waiting for you to decorate them. The doors and gates are scripted ,so you can choose who can have access to your small paradise.

I have to go to bed since tomorrow I am planning to attend a party .I will try to be back as soon as possible with more releases .Until then I recommend you all to take a closer look of the castle at the mainstore.

-Store List-
Building: Castle Dragonfall ~* Sweet Revolutions *~/Designer Gwen von Aurora
Available at Sweet Revolutions Mainstore
Available at Sweet Revolution Marketplace

Prims : 172 Prims


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