Glamorous Furniture//Angel Manor Garden Venue Stage

I am going you at the cinema in some hours to watch the Great Gatsby .So excited ! But before that I wanted to show to you some new stunning release which I am sure you will all fall in love with .Ready to see what I prepared for you today Glamorous Furniture?

Kaya Angel became pretty famous in the last years thanks to his gorgeous designs which always leaves us speechless .I especially love his huge mansions, enough spacious for a large number of people . Also the quality of his designs is always mind blowing.

The release I am showing to you is named “Outdoor Garden Venue Stage” and is available for sale at both his mainstore or on marketplace. As he said on marketplace ,he designed this so you ,the host ,can hold glamorous parties in a beautiful decorated garden.The set also includes some seating with a number of animation. They also have copy permissions so you can rezz more if needed.

Like I always do ,I will include the slurl to the mainstore and also a link to the marketplace .Don’t forget to visit Glamorous Furniture daily for more releases from Second Life !

-Store List-
Building: Outdoor Garden Venue Stage- Angel Manor Estate /Designer Kaya Angel
Available at Angel Manor Estate Mainstore
Available at Angel Manor Estate Marketplace

Prims :244 Prims


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