Glamorous Furniture//Urban Catwalk-Art & Ruin by MM5 Rock!

I will have to go out with my family tonight ,but I still have time for a last blog post ! I think you all managed to realize how much I enjoy blogging .It’s always a pleasure for me to show you the latest must have furniture and structures from second life .This building I am featuring in the post caught my eye simply because it is related to fashion ..and I love fashion ..

While taking a closer look at different products on marketplace ,I discovered a store named MM5 Rock! Design and owned by Marco Rejkus .Even though he designs a variety of products ,the one that made me get interested in blogging him were his catwalks .

I sent him an im and was really happy to find out that the wants me to blog one of his latest catwalk releases named “Urban Catwalk-Art & Ruin “.As it’s name says ,the environment is represented by an urban area which makes it very interesting for a catwalk .Many of the components are mesh and the texture is so well done ,it makes them look very realistic.

It also has modify permission ,so you can easily edit it and make it look how you want .The backstage is one of my favorite places. A perfect place for models to spend time before a beautiful show.

If you want to take a closer look at the catwalk I recommend you to check their mainstore or marketplace . Also don’t forget to look at their previous releases because they are look very good looking !

-Store List-
Set: Urban Catwalk-Art & Ruin – MM5 Rock! Design /Designer- by Marco Rejkus
Available at MM5 Rock! Design Mainstore
Available at MM5 Rock! Design Marketplace

Prims:419 Prims
Stall with pose: 47 Prims
External Catwalk:256 Prims
BackStage with furniture: 116 Prim


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