Glamorous Furniture//Sakura Lovers Cuddle Quilt

Good Morning Glamorous Furniture .I promised you yesterday that today I am going to be back with more new releases which you might be interested in .Let me show you what I am bringing to you.

I know that this design is actually made to be rezzed on the ground but for a better effect I decided to rezz it just above the water .The set is named” Sakura Lovers Cuddle Quilt “ and is a beautiful release from meadowWorks(owned by Garvie Garzo) .It also comes with both couples and single animations too.

Without doubts I would recommend this to every second life couple ! You can check this product on marketplace (link is posted under the text)

-Store List-
Set: Sakura Lovers Cuddle Quilt – meadowWorks /Designer- by Garvie Garzo
Available at meadowWorks Marketplace

Prims:22 Land Impact

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