Glamorous Furniture//New Releases from Dysfunctional Designs

Good evening Glamorous Furniture .I promised you I will be back with more new releases and so am I .Ready to see what I am bringing to you today on Glamorous Furniture??

I think everyone heard about Dysfunctional Designs owned by Anke Hatchuk .They were featured at this year Fantasy Faire ,where I had the great honor to meet the designer and get some blogging samples from her store .

She released many new releases specially for the faire .I am featuring in the pictures just some of them (for example:the bath tube ,the divider ,the lighting ,the towel tack,the mirror and so on ) .Everything you can see in the pictures(except the carpet) is from Dysfunctional Designs.

I recommend you all to check her mainstore for more new releases and for a better view of this gorgeous products presented in the pictures .Like always I included the slurl right under the text.

-Store List-
Set: diversified sets which can be found at the maisntore – Dysfunctional Designs /Designer Anke Hatchuk
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Mainstore
Available at Dysfunctional Designs Marketplace

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