Glamorous Furniture//Teaser:Abiss Decadence

Big news my readers ! Abiss is preparing a new stunning release . It is not yet available for buying but it will be in the next days .Glamorous Furniture has the great honor to present a teaser of the next set which we are convinced will amaze all of you.

I can’t even remember when Abiss joined by collaboration list . It was long time ago ! I only remember I was so happy when Frasha Boa accepted to send me review copies for my blog .

The set will be probably named “Decadence” ! The texture of the furniture is very first class and very realistic . It will be perfect for a baroque living room . The set will probably include: sofa , armchair ,coffee table ,and a lamp . Also the sofa and the armchair comes with many high quality animations for both female and male .

I am going to come back with a full review when the set is released . Until then you can enjoy the other well done products available at Abiss mainstore or on marketplace .

-Store List-
(Will be available in the following days)
Building: Decadence –Abiss /Designer- Frasha Boa
Will be available at Abiss Mainstore
Will be available at Abiss Marketplace

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