Glamorous Furniture///Fantasy Faire 2013-Fantasy TimberHall

Fantasy Faire 2013 is still going on .So if you didn’t get the chance to take a visit ,I invite you to do that now .I am also here to present a new release which can be found there..

I am presenting to you one of my favorite releases from the faire from the Fuubutsu store owned by Nya Alchemi .It is named “Fantasy TimberHall” and it comes in 2 different persion: petite and also bigger .The building itself is very well done ,great texture and fantastic style.

I also attached for you today’s entertainment schedule at the Faire .See you there and don’t forget to check Glamorous Furniture for more releases.
SUNDAY – 4/28
12pm – 2pm: DJ Matthew Anthony
4pm – 6pm: LIVE AUCTION
6pm – 8pm: DJ Zander Greene
8pm – 10pm: BOSL Radio

-Store List-
Building: Fantasy TimberHall – Fuubutsu /Designer Nya Alchemi
Available at Fantasy Faire Sim
Prims :51 Prims

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