Glamorous Furniture//The Nests Temple by ArmaDus

I promised you that I will be back with more new releases,and since I always keep my promises I am back .Ready to find out what I’ve got for today?

While searching on marketplace ,I discovered an amazing store named “ArmaDus” and owned by Armando Woodland .I immediately became interested in this store after checking their products which are simply stunning.

The building I am showing you in the pictures is from that store.It is named “The Nests Temple” and it can be used in many situation .I would honestly role play around this building ,since it has the style of and old temple .You can also use it as a well done relaxing place ,or as a perfect place for breedables nests.

If you aren’t convinced of the quality of this product,I recommend you to check their marketplace store .You will be able to find out more information and see more pictures !

-Store List-
Building: The Nests Temple – ArmaDus /Designer Armando Woodland
Available at ArmaDus Mainstore
Available at ArmaDus Marketplace

Prims :157 Prims


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