Glamorous Furniture//Medieval Stable by Roxy

Hey guys ,I am here with some more releases from second life which I hope will leave you as speechless as me when I saw them .Ready o see what I’ve got for today’s blog post?

I discovered a new store named “ROXY” and owned by roxana.paulino .Most of their products are buildings(stables and houses) which features top quality styles and textures .

One of the latest releases from her store is named “Large Medieval Stable”.As the name says this is a medieval themed stables perfect for people who enjoy owning horses in second life .It has enough place for around 50 beautiful horses .The entire building presents first class textures which makes everything more realistic .

I will be back soon with more releases from the virtual world .Until then I recommend you all to check Roxana’s store on marketplace and in world .See you soon !

-Store List-
Building: Large Medieval Stable – Roxy /Designer roxana.paulino
Available at Roxy Mainstore
Available at Roxy Marketplace

Prims :101 Prims


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