Glamorous Furniture//Mausoleum of the Countess by Crypt of Lilith

Hello my readers ,I am back with more new releases from second life .For this post I think we should return in the past and remember a bit about Elizabeth Báthory since this building is inspired by her .

I discovered some days ago a fantastic store on marketplace named “Crypt of Lilith” and owned by DameKlaudia Demonia.Her creations are more on the dark side ,but they still look stunning.

The release I decided to present to all of you today is named “Mausoleum of the Countess” .This structure is inspired by the life of the world wide known countess Bathory .The mausoleum comes in a copy and modify version too .Also the set includes the sarcophagus which can be bought separately too .The textures used in the creation of this structure are amazing ,fabulous details and well done sculpts .

If you are a fan of the historical character Elizabeth Bathory ,I recommend you to check this release from Crypt of Lilith .You will love it ,believe me !.

-Store List-
Building: Mausoleum of the Countess- Crypt of Lilith /Designer- DameKlaudia Demonia
Available at Crypt of Lilith Mainstore
Available at Crypt of Lilith Marketplace

Prims :175 Prims


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