Glamorous Furniture//La Gelateria by Aphrodite Shop

Hey guys ,have you missed me?I am back with more new stunning releases from second life .Since it’s seems like this is the Italian week for glamorous furniture ,I am going to present to you another structure that goes perfectly with the pizzeria by Aphrodite Shop ..except it sells cream !

As you can see Aphrodite Shop is one of those stores which I can’t stop blogging .Their products always leave me speechless ,and I am always happy when I get something from them to share with you.

The set I am presenting in this pictures is named “”La Gelateria” and is a perfect building for every one who enjoy ice cream or role playing . It comes with many animations that makes the experience a lot more entertaining: you may prepare the ice cream from scratch, put toppings to it, or dip it on chocolate, offering up to 6 different dipped ice creams to your customers, with our special “chocolatera” the machine to melt chocolate and keep it warm at the right temperature, for dipping the ice creams in it.

This is without doubts a must have .Aphrodite Shop amazes us again with their stunning animations and well done buildings .I will be back soon with more releases ,so don’t leave Glamorous Furniture !

-Store List-
Building: La Gelateria – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Aphordite Shop Marketplace

Prims : 42 Prims

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