Glamorous Furniture//Pizzeria Set by Aphrodite Shop

It’s impossible not to love Aphrodite’s shop releases .Even if they are not newest creations they are still something that must be presented on this blog .Ready to see what is my newest favorite building?

Aphrodite Shop as you know has been around for a long time .I was very happy when they accepted to join my designers list ,and even happier when they sent me their latest releases .All their products are breathtaking and a must have for everyone who enjoys second life foods and quality designs.

The release I am presenting to you today is named: Pizzeria .It isn’t a new release,actually is a pretty old building but the quality and fantastic animations made it one of the best selling creations from this store.The building itself is customizable .You can add your store name or logo windows and on some paintings too. The italian tables also are animated with several animations for eating, drinking and even chatting .Also the cooking table comes with many stunning animations:making pizza, cutting pizza and so on.All this together create a fantastic atmosphere that everyone should feel at least one .

Ready for some pizza and shopping?Let’s take a closer look of this structure at Aphrodite’s Shop mainstore .See you there!

-Store List-
Building: Pizzeria – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Aphordite Shop Marketplace

Prims : 28 Prims
Building: 19 Prims
Pizza Oven:6 Prims
Pizzeria counter :3 Prims

One thought on “Glamorous Furniture//Pizzeria Set by Aphrodite Shop

  1. Brenna

    Reminds me of a book I recently read by P.C. Cast called “Goddess of Spring”. The main character owns an Italian bakery business before Demeter has her change places with Persephone. It’s exactly what I’d pictured in mind. (And Love their stuff! I have the sailors home with stable and dog house.)

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