Glamorous Furniture//Dorene by TeddyJunior

Hey guys ,I have to go out with my family,but before I do that I want to present you a new release from a store which I always admired ,and who’s product ,even though they are few,they are simply stunning..

I am talking about ::TeddyJr:: owned by TeddyJunior .It is one of those stores who don’t do to many products ,but the one they release are simply stunning .Most of them are mesh works ,fabulous texture and great style .That’s why I recommend you all to check his marketplace.

The new release I am presenting to you is a breathtaking new york style building .It is named “Dorene” and if you are a fan of second life apartments you’ve got to get this without any doubts.

This five-storey building has two pavilions and one full square duplex apartment. One pavilion has 3 floors (useful for store/gallery) and other only one (cafe/office). Entrance to the apartment is located on the back side and routed through stairwell. Apartment also has direct exit to the roof where you can enjoy the view.

Also the building comes with a script which gives you the possibility to set the opacitiy level,access control,stats,updates,news and also you can write a review through the script .Without any doubts this is a genius work.

Are you ready for shopping ?This building is waiting for you and honestly it’s a masterpiece creation by TeddyJunior .You must try it !

-Store List-
Building: Dorene – ::TeddyJr:: /Designer- TeddyJunior
Available at TeddyJr Mainstore
Available at TeddyJr Marketplace

Prims : 151 Land Impact

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