Glamorous Furniture//Massage Table by Dutchie

Hello Glamorous Furniture readers .In case you are tired I am happy to say to you that this post is going to give you a break and the possibility to relax a lot …well even if we are not talking about real life relaxing let’s consider this a virtual massage *smiles*

Dutchie is back with some stunning releases .I blog Froukje Hoorenbeek products for over a year ,and each new release leaves me speechless and wanting more .I am always happy when she im’s me with some new releases .Gorgeous woman and stunning works .

The new release is a vintage massage table.The set includes:massage table ,towels and massage products .You will be amazed by the animations that come together with this set(and no ,you won’t need to rez any pose balls) .It contains around 46 animations(23 massage her and 23 massage him) and 40 animations that will rez modesty towels,2 more with hot stones .Also this product can be found in adult version ,which contains more sensual animations.

So before I end this post ,I recommend you all check both Dutchie’s marketplace and in world store ,you will be amazed by their products .I will be back very soon with more releases!

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Set: Dutchie mesh massage table – Dutchie /Designer- by Froukje Hoorenbeek
Available at Dutchie Mainstore PG
Available at Dutchie Mainstore Adult
Prims : 9 Land Impact

*All items presented in this blog post can be found in different sets from the same store.


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