Glamorous Furniture//Alice In Wonderland Tea Set by Aphrodite Shop

I promised you I will be back soon ,and so am I .It’s time for some new releases,something let’s say more fantasy style .Let me share with you the latest release I got.

Aphrodite Store is back today with some more releases for your home .We all know how hard working they are,each week they try to bring us top products to fit perfectly in our house .That’s why I can honestly tell you all that I am really proud to be a blogger for them.

Latest release is named” “Alice in wonderland” complete tea party set” and as the name says it’s actually a tea set inspired from the Alice in Wonderland books and movies .The set includes everything you can see in the picture : table ,chairs,decorations,food and so on.The teapot contains 3 animations for kids to play,and there are also many dispenser scripted objects like:food ,tea,hat etc.

This set is without doubts a must have .That’s why I recommend you all to check the slurl and marketplace link listed under this text .Enjoy your shopping !

Picture and Text by Amalia Foxtrot
©Glamorous Furniture 2012

-Store List-
Set : ” “Alice in wonderland” complete tea party set – Aphrodite Shop /Designer-Jaylin Whitewood and Marina Ramer
Available at Aphrodite Shop Mainstore
Available at Aphordite Shop Marketplace

Prims : 115 Land Impact
Table:6 Prims
Chairs :3 Prims each
Chesire cat decorative :13 Prims
“Tic tac” white rabbit with watch: 29 Prims
Cheerful flower decorative :2 Prims
“Mushrooms” Sitting log for the ground: 8 prims
Teapot:4 Prims
Complete tea service “tulips”, animated cakes, and cupcakes dispenser :24 Prims
Spring sandwiches platte:2 Prims
Crumplets platter :1 Prim
Cinnamon rolls heart shaped platter dispenser:8 Prims
Heart cookies with jelly platter:12 Prims

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